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Frequently Asked Questions

How we operate and how to redeem your Honorarium


Who Is Physician Survey Hub?
Physician Survey Hub is a market research company in significant markets, including the USA, Canada, UK, EU BIG 5, and Australia.

Who Can Join The Physician Survey Hub?
It’s voluntary and accessible for all. However, once you update the data, your authenticity will be validated by our team.
Doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals interested in the healthcare industry can register as members.

How To Sign Up With Of Physician Survey Hub?
Register here: You will be prompted to answer a few questions while signing up. During registration, you enter the following information:  your first and last name, Phone no, work location, your specialty and, if applicable, department, your address, and the willingness to receive invitations to market research surveys from Physician Survey Hub.

Once I Sign Up, What Type Of Surveys Will I Be Qualified For?
You will receive based on the location, your specialty, and office settings you provided during sign-up.

How Many Surveys Am I Qualified To Take Up?
We ensure you are not overdoing or taking up too many surveys and are not working on the same surveys multiple times.

Can I Do The Same Survey Multiple Times?
We provide only one account to sign up for one doctor. In case you are found to have multiple accounts and are below 18yr, you will be removed from our panel and will not receive further surveys, and all the incentives will be canceled. Please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for more information.

Do I Have To Take Part In All Surveys I Am Invited To?
No, you can choose to ignore it if you do not have time. However, if you have been inactive for over three months, you will be removed from our panel.

Will I Be Compensated For My Time Even If I Don’t Qualify?
No, usually, we only pay for completed responses.

What Information Should I Expect In The Survey Email Invite?
The invitation to participate in a market research survey contains the following or more information:
Length of Survey | Survey end Date| Compensation for completion | Survey Topic | Survey Link | Anonymity Note| Privacy policy | Co-ordinates to contact via email, or Phone Number

When Can I Opt To Complete The Survey?
Online can be done at your convenient time, and Telephone will be done at your convenient time. You will be informed of the deadline and sent follow-ups regularly to be reminded to complete it soon.

How Long Do The Surveys Take?
It varies from one survey to another. On average, it takes 5 to 30 minutes.

What Is The Compensation, And How Am I Paid?
Compensation is mentioned on each survey invite and will be paid through a cash-equivalent voucher (could be PayPal, virtual visa, amazon voucher, etc..)

Can I Share My Survey Invitations With My Colleagues Or Other Interested Parties?
The survey is invite-only and is not open to other participants unless the invite is sent from Physician Survey Hub. If you feel someone will qualify for a study or would like to add a new respondent to our community, please write to us at with the details of the respondent who wants to participate. You would also be advised to ask them to log in to our page and get verified to get accepted into our new surveys using the following link –

Are The Survey Results Anonymous?
Surveys are anonymous, and your information is not used for any other purpose, nor is it sold. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Who Uses The Data I Provide?
Your inputs are precious for the latest research. They are sent to either understand the drug usage, device, or attitude and effects of a drug as a process of identifying any issues or for the betterment of any medication or a device in the medical field, either by a machine or drug manufacturer.

Are All Invitations Sent In English, Or Can I Receive Emails In Other Languages?
Yes, the invites are country and language-specific

How Can I Update My Profile, And How Can I Terminate Membership?
You are provided with an unsubscribe option on every invite, and you can write to us at or unsubscribe on your profile by logging in.

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